Monday, 4 October 2010

10 eitem academaidd uchaf CADAIR Medi 2010

1. (Gorffennaf #2) Dictionary of Continental Celtic Place-Names: A Celtic Companion to the Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World (Falileyev, Alexander) (2160/282) MAP PDF
2. (newydd) Humanitarian Intervention in World Politics (Wheeler, Nicholas) (2160/1925) TESTUN LLAWN
3. (newydd) Organic farming (Lampkin, Nic H.) (2160/3130) CYSWLLT I CYHOEDDWR

4. (Gorffennaf #1) Modern Bedouin exposures to copper contamination: an imperial legacy? (Grattan, John et al) (2160/231) TESTUN LLAWN
5. (newydd) Early library management systems in the UK (Tedd, Lucy A.) (2160/341) PPT
6. (Gorffennaf #4) The effects of acute vitamin C supplementation on cortisol, interleukin-6, and neutrophil responses to prolonged cycling exercise (Davison, Glen et al) (2160/3583) CYSWLLT I ERTHYGL
7. (newydd) Comparative proteomics of excretory-secretory proteins released by the liver fluke Fasciola hepatica in sheep host bile and during in vitro culture ex host. (Morphew, R. M. et al) (2160/2543) CYSWLLT I ERTHYGL
8. (Gorffennaf #5) Bagging linear sparse Bayesian learning models for variable selection in cancer diagnosis (Lu, Chuan et al) (2160/3984) TESTUN LLAWN
9. (Gorffennaf #6) Analyses of patterns of copper and lead mineralisation in human skeletons excavated from an ancient mining and smelting centre in the Jordanian desert (Grattan, John et al) (2160/181) TESTUN LLAWN
10. (Gorffennaf #3) Salivary antimicrobial peptides (LL-37 and alpha-defensins HNP1-3), antimicrobial and IgA responses to prolonged exercise (Davison, Glen et al) (2160/2759) CYSWLLT I ERTHYGL

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